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Peter Gena

<<N.B.>> This work could not have been possible without the assistance of my good friend and collaborator, geneticist Charles Strom (M.D, Ph.D., now Director of Genetics at the Nichols Institute, San Juan Capistrano, California), who provided me with the genomes and all information regarding the chemical makeup of DNA and the amino acid conversion, as well as his insight into the translation formulae.

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Red Blood Cells (1995), digitally synthesized DNA sequences. Red Blood DNA Sequences &

Collagen and Bass Clarinet (1997), bass clarinet and five DNA sequences. First Page of Score

Chopin’s Catarrh (1998), piano solo. First Page of “Manuscript”

La Peste per oboe d’amore (2000), with computer-generated Yersinia Pestis sequences. First Page

DNA Music for Genesis (1999), real-time. Genesis | Music Description | CD cover &

DNA Music (1999-2005), interactive installations. Rymer Gallery, Chicago | CADE 2001, Glasgow | Arte al Centro | DNA Mixer (Bellagio) | Elastin &

Him, Himself and He (2001), interactive DNA Music Installation.

Botox à 5 (2004), Botulinin toxin bacteria for disklavier solo.

Immunoglobulin (2005, revised '06), interactive installation. Immunoglobulin mixer & | sequences

DNA-PNO (ongoing 2005 - ), an installation for computer algorithms and Disklavier, or MIDI keyboard. DNA-PNO screen | Botox à 5 score - p. 1 | Prolation Collagen score - p. 1 & excerpt (1st version) | Rymer Gallery, Chicago

{in using chance processes}….there can be structure, but it's received rather than chosen.
(John Cage at the SAIC, April 27, 1988)

Prometheus Redux (2010), a light and sound installation by Steve Waldeck and Peter Gena. Photo at ELIA, Nantes, Oct. 2010

Vaccinum à 5: SARS-coronavirus 2 (spike protein) [2021]

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